Price: $2,500

Seller: Paul Primerano
State: California
City: Corona
Zip code: 92883
Type: Pets

The Ambullneo moves with grace and agility and give the appearance of great strength.  The inherent instinct to protect its master and family make the Ambullneo the perfect companion for our times.  Your families guardian companion and the intruders worst nightmare.  The Ambullneo Mastiff is heavily muscled, has a large head, powerful jaws, strong, sharp, deep-set teeth and can spring into action moving all 140 pounds of muscle with the knock down power of a locomotive in seconds to overtake and apprehend its adversary.  A very even tempered dog, they enjoy the company of their family and get along well with other pets and will tolerate invited friends if socialized at an early age.  Ambullneo Mastiffs are not loose cannons, and do not bark for no reason.  So when they bark it is worth investigating.  Mark Reasinger; PhD created this 57.5 bulldog & 42.5 mastiff cross by crossing three different European Mastiffs with three types of Bulldogs, then keeping only the best for this selective breeding program.  The Ambullneo has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Calendar, Timeout, N.Y. & Parade Magazine.  The Ambullneo is currently being registered by the N.K.C. (national Kennel Club). Puppies are available June 1st.